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Article writing format should consist of the following parts:

  1. Abstract (Introduction) – a small but important part of a scientific article, which sets out the formulation of the problems of this topic and the reasonable current direction of publication, its relevance, importance for a particular field of science or practice.
  2. The main (recent) studies and publications are a structural element of a scientific article, which presents contemporary views, unresolved issues and difficulties within the framework of this topic.
  3. Forming a goal (setting a task) is an important part of the work, which sets out the main idea of ​​the publication, its goals and objectives for conducting an analysis or one’s own observation.
  4. The presentation of the material is the largest and most important part of the scientific work, which reveals the content of the author’s research, its most important results with their full justification.
  5. The conclusion is a small logical block in which the author’s analysis of the indicated problem area is summarized and the prospects for the development of the subject of a scientific article are briefly presented.

We strictly adhere to the requirements for the formulation of scientific articles. Our authors, while writing articles, comply with the requirements regarding the design and presentation of the material. They make sure that the list of sources used is arranged correctly. Otherwise such a scientific product simply will not be accepted for publication in the publication or will not be counted in the department. Also our authors, necessarily in the text add references to the used sources of information and form a bibliographic apparatus in accordance with the recommendations.

In accordance with the standards, publications in the list of sources are placed in various ways:

  • in the order in which they appear in the text;
  • in alphabetical order (by the name of the first author or the name of the source);
  • in chronological order;
  • the list of used sources must contain at least ten positions in the original language;
  • refer to the latest editions of the publication.

If the publication contains a large number of pages, you must specify the page number, table, figure, application, or schema that was used when writing. In the text of a scientific article, when referring to a source, it is necessary to indicate its serial number in the list of sources used. Our article writing for money agency employs only highly professional scientific researchers and teachers. After ordering a scientific article, they will diligently fulfill your wishes and requirements, take into account the recommendations of the supervisor and, if necessary, make changes to the text of the scientific article.

In online mode, you can place an order of the author’s scientific article from anywhere

To do this, just need to leave a request on our website. As a result, you will receive a qualitatively and logically correctly written scientific article in compliance with all the above requirements for writing it. Article writing online jobs will provide you with a guarantee for the work done and will bring it to the protection and publication in your chosen publication.

We write scientific articles in a short time

The term of the article to order will depend on the complexity of the topic and is discussed when placing the order. In most cases, the term of execution of a non-urgent scientific article is> 2 days, urgent – 1 day. If desired, the customer period can be reduced.

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