Each scientific article can be written in different ways

When writing, you can take into account all the existing truths, you can save time and write an article faster and cheaper, you can go beyond the requirements and write paper with a high coefficient of your own text. Therefore, to meet the needs of all customers, we have developed three classifiers in relation to price / quality, so that each customer can choose for himself exactly the quality of the article that he needs without overpaying extra money for the author’s unnecessary work.

Guarantees of honest and high-quality papers from article writing jobs online

Student assistance companies are officially registered and do business in accordance with the law. We bear full legal responsibility to the customer when writing scientific articles and other types of papers. We accept payment to the official bank account or in the electronic office. We have an agreement on conducting financial transactions and receiving funds from the customer in the process of writing scientific articles and other types of papers. Our Agency guarantees the observance of the privacy policy and the complete anonymity of the customer data.

English writing article company adheres to the policy of complete confidentiality when fulfilling your order. Any of your data can not and will not be disclosed to third parties. Therefore, when working with our customers and after that, that you are our client without your consent, neither your manager, nor your friends or your group mates will find out.

To fulfill your order, we need a minimum of information about you:

  • Your name;
  • Email – to send paper;
  • Mobile number – to agree on all the details at the stage of ordering and SMS-informing about the progress of the paper.

We also have no right to publish any works of paper and materials written to order, as they are the property of customers.

We also do not use your personal data, such as: mobile phone number and e-mail address for sending advertising and other informational messages, and do not pass them on to third parties.Article writing companies appreciate the privacy of our customers. Using all available means to access information on the global network in working with Internet resources, you can not worry about saving your personal information. The data received from users of our Internet resource is used only for internal use by our managers when creating your application for writing a scientific paper. Public offer of the guarantee guaranteed non-disclosure of personal information and transfer to third parties copyright material.

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